University Park , Illinois - 508 Farmview Road, in the Riegel Farm Complex
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A Lincoln Highway story of risk and adventure is brought to life with the mural’s portrait of the Van Buren sisters. Each sister and her motorcycle are painted with astonishingly intricate detail by the artist and designed for an “up close” view from visitors.  Due to the mural’s location, this is the only mural out of the series to be installed at ground level. The mural’s unique shape, along with the painting style, creates three dimensional like images, making the women appear to be moving right out of the mural.
Adeline and Augusta set out to break the stereotype surrounding women of their day,
by riding motorcycles 3,330 miles across America on the Lincoln Highway route. 
The sisters not only faced challenges of the road, but social prejudices and were even
arrested for “wearing men’s clothing” as a criminal charge.

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