Rochelle 2 , Illinois - 150 North 15th Street
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The Coalition is honored to have the opportunity to display the 35th and final mural of our series in Rochelle. It was only fitting that a second mural in Rochelle would portray historic elements of transportation. With the development of the Lincoln Highway through Rochelle, major transportation arteries crisscrossed helping to make it known as the “Hub City.” Rochelle became AN important crossroads for commerce and tourism. The painting is done in rich sepia tones and designed from a vintage Rochelle postcard that was obtained from Rochelle Tourism. Striking images of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroads and a passerby are painted from the original postcard. The Rochelle built Partin-Palmer automobile has been expertly added into the mural, along with a full color red, white and blue Lincoln Highway “L” sign to give the image a personal touch.

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