Rochelle 1 , Illinois - 429 Lincoln Highway
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This is Rochelle’s first mural, and it tells the tale of Emily Post’s adventure making the trek across the Lincoln Highway. A campaign was designed to create enthusiasm for cross country auto travel, which had Emily and her companions traveling in her touring car, while she would write about her trip for Collier’s magazine. Due to heavy rains, the group was forced to stop in Rochelle, spending several days waiting for the road to dry out and harden up. Falling in love with the town and its friendly, sociable people, Emily later wrote about it in her book, By Motor to the Golden Gate. The realistic image
of Emily Post on the mural was painted from a photograph loaned to the Collation from
the Post family. 
The painting combines images and rich colors to convey the importance
of Emily’s trip on the Lincoln Highway.

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