Oregon , Illinois - 103 West Washington Street
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Oregon’s beautiful scenery along the Rock River is depicted in the brightly colored mural.  Oregon was listed as “a delightful side trip” for sightseeing travelers in the Official Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway, 1924 Edition.  Also highlighted in this distinctive painting, is the well known statue titled The Eternal Indian, better known as Blackhawk Statue, that stands 48 feet tall on the bluffs overlooking the river.  Because of this subject, the mural was the very first in the collection to be painted as a vertical display.  With the completion of the first paved roads, motorists were now able to enjoy
sightseeing trips to nearby rural areas.  In the early days of the Lincoln Highway just as
today, Oregon’s breathtaking beauty, rich art and cultural heritage attract many visitors.
Blackhawk statue still stands in all his glory.

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