Welcome to the Award Winning Series

The Lincoln Highway Coalition has produced this “must see” collection of 35 Interpretive Murals, located across the 179-mile byway, touching over two dozen communities in Northern Illinois.  Each mural is a hand-painted, 10 x 20 square foot unique work of art. The murals tell fascinating true stories from the history of the early Lincoln
Highway. Elements of a bygone era are evident in every painting;
the “larger than life” images will allow you to be transported
back in time to recognize the significance the Lincoln Highway
had on society and the evolution of travel.

We Invite You to Look a Little Closer

As you gaze at the realistic images on every mural you will delight in each unique design. The murals are painted with extraordinary detail, using a variety of color palettes, depicting authentic, historic events or places from the highway in the early 1900s.  All mural images were designed from photographs taken during the era of the Lincoln Highway between 1913 and 1928.    
Each mural’s brief narratives were carefully written to further tell the story depicted in the paintings; allowing the connection of the highway and the community history to become clear while tying all the elements together.